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Practice doesn’t always make perfect. If you practice incorrectly, practice can make imperfect (I learned that from my accordion teacher when I was seven—boy was my playing, imperfect). The best way to improve a presentation and close more sales is to learn from the experts. Here’s how my staff and I prepare executives, sales professionals, and CEO’s to present better and sell more:

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Books, E-books, MP3"s, CD's and other products

Straight from my experience working with the World Famous IMPROV Comedy Club's Corporate Training Division and the IMPROV Comedy Traffic Schools, I’ve written two books on the subject of humor that will help you improve your public speaking and sales presentations. Sell It with Humor shares over 100 humor gems to help you close more sales. My other book is Stand Up for Your Success. You’ll read award-winning humorous talks as they were delivered in front of a sold out  “live” audience at the World Famous Hollywood IMPROV Comedy Club. I’ve also included 52 weekly special reports to help you have fun while navigating through work and life. These are also available on CDs and will soon be available on DVDs. Enjoy.


Keynote talks

Once in a while it’s nice to reward your hardworking slackers (I mean, er, employees) with a live event more engaging than a presentation on the latest way to use a solar-powered laptop—or the new chip that will soon be implanted into their brains for “productivity” purposes. We offer keynote talks that last about an hour and are delivered in “stand up” comedy format or in “game show” style. This helps to keep the audience alert and having fun.

We’re pros at incorporating relevant and appropriate humor into important information tailored to your needs-along with a lot of fun! Our most popular talks are based on the books “Stand Up for Your Success”, “Sell It with Humor” and the popular interactive Family Feud-type program. Our staff can easily customize a humorous and educational talk for you. Interested? Contact us today!

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Weekend and Individual Training

Learning to be an effective presenter is not always an overnight task, and sometimes it’s a weekend job. But, don’t worry—we hold this training in comfortable locations with a nearby Starbucks. Who wouldn’t love a weekend training program where the homework is to go to a comedy club and watch people laugh?

We help you add a “call to action” to your presentation so you can easily ask for the sale. If you don’t have a prepared presentation, we’ll help you create one. Then on Sunday we’ll give you the top ten objections and train you to overcome these objections with a straightforward answer combined with humor that’s designed to make the customer laugh—then buy.

OUR TRAINING COURSES ARE GUARANTEED, and if you’re not satisfied after day one then there is no charge for that day and you can go home (or back to the comedy club or Starbucks).

Email and phone help

Selling a client a million dollar stock option? Trying to close a $16 million real estate deal? Trying to get a minimum wage job to impress your future CEO father or mother-in-law? We're here to help you deliver that all important presentation with professionalism, humor and a call to action (asking for the sale.) We can even help you roast someone special at work (don’t blame us if you get fired for this one). With reasonable hourly rates, we’ll even help you prepare for a last minute presentation or an upcoming interview. We can research humorous answers for even the toughest speech topics and buying objections quickly and easily.



Satisfaction Guaranteed

If after reading Burt Teplitzky's Sell It With Humor or Stand Up For Your Success (or any other of Burt's books) you don't think that it'll be able to change your life-- simply return it and you'll receive a full product questions asked.       

        That's right, the risk is completely on have 90 days to put these ideas into practice--and if they still don't work for you-- you will receive a full product refund full product refund.  

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Well, there you have it. Contact us, and let us know how may we be of service to you and your staff.


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